Slavic Elite Collection

Slavic Elite Collection

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Known for its fine texture, lighter colours and superb durability, genuine Slavic hair is the diamond standard of hair quality. 

Our Slavic Elite Collection is for the hair extension purist. It is for those who require their hair untainted by any process or colour. The light density of this hair means it lifts and moves in the most natural possible way. Making your hair extensions absolutely undetectable. 

All hair is available in both wavy and straight hair types. You can choose from a range of attachments: Handmade wefts, stick tips, keratin capsules and tape. 

If you wish to purchase any of our hair collections you will receive a complimentary colour consultation available before or after purchase. We take our hair extensions very seriously so each piece is custom made for each and every client. 


  • Double drawn
  • Uncoloured*
  • Single donors
  • Hand-picked for quality
  • Light density and structure
  • Sourced exclusively from Russia & Ukraine

* We do a wide range of tones and some of those may need colouring. You will be informed if your hair pieces require colouring. 

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