Custom Clip In Hair Extensions

Our custom clip ins are expertly colour-blended and made to your exact measurements to ensure you have a salon professional set of extensions that you simply take out at the end of the day. We also show how to fit them and style them and every set comes with a free storage box and travel bag.

European Hair Weaving

Looking for something a little more permanent? Our mobile hair weaving serives are the perfect solution. Typically lasting 4 - 8 weeks and applied in just one hour. All hair is cut and styled to blend perfectly.


Going somewhere special? Or maybe you just want your hair extensions put in professionally. Take advantage of our styling services to make the most of your Studioseven50 extensions. Currently only available in Greater London

Quite simply Just Great Hair.




Where does the hair come from?

A: We have two collections; Indian and European hair and it is collected for production from Virgin hair. There is no acid treatments and all hair is cuticle correct.

Is all your hair Virgin hair?

A: All of our hair is produced from Virgin hair and can be washed, curled, flat ironed and dyed multiple times. Good quality hair extensions can last a year or more depending on how much it is used.

What is cuticle correct?

A: With Remy hair (or cuticle correct hair) all the strands are kept in alignment (in one direction) and hair usually comes from a single donor.

The majority of human hair sold over the counter is non-cuticle hair. This means the strands do not align and it is often from different donors (i.e. thrown into piles for extension production). The hair is then treated in an acid bath to burn away the cuticle and then silicon is applied where the cuticle once was. However, once the extensions are washed, this layer is removed – causing the friction you will experience as tangling.

Can I colour the hair?

A: Of course! But we do colour the hair (all except 1b) in the production process to accommodate most people’s hair colour. You can also blend different colours from different packets if you want to pick out all the tones in your hair.

What is machine weft hair?

Machine weft hair attaches the strand of hair to a flexible strip of weft which is extremely durable and minimises shedding.

Do I need to use any special shampoos or conditioners?

We advise that clients use a good shampoo and conditioner but there are no chemicals used in the hair so there is no specific product that should be avoided. We recommend to use a deep conditioner and to stroke the hair downwards when washing. 

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