So what exactly is Studioseven50?

Studioseven50 is the first dedicated hair extension studio of its kind, drawing on five years of commercial hair extension application across the UK. With so many types of hair extensions on the market, choosing one can prove very difficult. 

We have taken an open and honest approach to our product offering to give customers real solutions based real experiences with designs inspired by modern culture and trends. In addition to this, the quality is second to none, the colours are blended masterfully to match the hair and the never seen before application technology will give customers unprecedented levels of comfort and security and new products offering better hair styles.

Studioseven50 gives you the film star experience with the accessibility of the temporary solutions. Our minimalistic and cinematic look pays homage to the glamour of the studio days of Hollywood, allowing our customers to channel their inner Bardot or Hepburn. 

Our products will either be an improvement in design on what is currently available or a completely new concept that offers solutions to achieve better hairstyles, and increase creativity. There is currently no other brand offering fundamental new designs in this field. 

It’s important to understand that we are not just another hair extension company. We are here to build a brand with longevity and more importantly with outstanding innovation.