Boys & Curls

I don't know about you but I have found that curly bouncy hair (not milkshake) brings all the boys to the yard; or indeed anywhere you might venture when your hair moves like you were walking on air. 

The feminine look favoured by the likes of Cheryl Cole (I beg your pardon: Fernandez-Versini) are on every Saturday night entertainment show from London to LA. And its not hard to see why a mane of long, thick, glossy hair can quickly turn the heads of the opposite sex. 

For those of us who are not naturally blessed with hair fit for a fairy tale princess, hair extensions are often used as a good substitute for both length and volume. Be careful of the methods however as men overwhelmingly prefer a soft tousled look that they can run their fingers through. Getting caught or stuck skills the mood a little. 

Styles may come and go but looking good is forever. No matter what style you are experimenting with this week, make sure you think bigger, bouncy and bold. 

Something for the Weekend