What Should You Really Be Paying For High Quality Hair Extensions?

Affording Your Dream Hair Extensions



Choosing the right hair extensions is never an easy task. If you’ve done all the research you can and you’ve settled on a brand or a salon you’re happy with. The next big obstacle can often be the price.  Some high street brands are more affordable. They offer a quick delivery service and they won’t break the bank. However, if you are planning to invest in high quality hair extensions. You may need to plan your purchase more carefully.

How Much Should Hair Extensions Cost?



There are many different types of hair extension attachments available. And they do make some difference to the total cost. For example, bonded extensions generally take more time to apply. This increases the maintenance cost. The weaving method is quick, easy and doesn’t require expensive tools so is significantly cheaper. For high quality hair extensions, the most significant cost will always be the hair itself. There are many factors to consider when thinking about price. This includes weight of the hair and the length. My advice in general terms; you shouldn’t really be paying anything below £500 for the hair (based on 18 inches on hair).

What’s The Real Difference?

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I understand this may be a shock to some. Especially because hair is readily available in high street stores. Many for under £100 per packet. The difference is that most hair in the UK market today is mass-produced and mixed. Looking for 100% human hair is simply not a sign of quality. These cheaper hair lines use mixed donor human hair to maximise productivity and most importantly profits. And you might be thinking; if it’s all human, who cares if it’s mixed? It matters because the hair must be processed significantly to behave. Think about how different your hair is from that of even members of your own family. Imagine trying to mix all that hair together and trying to get a consistency of structure. It would be impossible.

High quality human hair comes from one donor. Or, at the very least, from as few donors as possible with similar structures of hair. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard gasps of surprise when I show clients that straight hair structures hold a slight wave when washed. They are so accustomed to processed hair extensions they are genuinely stunned when hair extensions act like real human hair. The hair market is so saturated with cheap imports, it has lowered our expectations of the human hair industry.

What Are My Options?



The hair extensions of your dreams can be a big purchase. Much like a car or a holiday. Today there are many ways to pay for larger purchases. You can save of course! Try to squirrel away as much as possible until you have enough. Alternatively, most businesses, however small, can take card payments. Giving you the freedom to put it on credit. I also offer payment plans for my clients. ‘Pay In Three’ splits payments into three parts. The last instalment is paid on the installation day. This makes the figure more palatable. Even something to look forward to as you manage your reoccurring payments.

Whichever way you decide to pay for your hair extensions just make sure you are paying the right price. Higher prices do not always mean higher quality. There are many brands that are on the cusp on expensive but are not up to scratch. You have a right to know the origin of your hair and how it is produced. If a brand you are planning to buy from cannot answer the questions that matter, opt for ones that can.