5 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Hair Extensions

Long hair, don’t care as they say. However, when you have long luscious hair extensions…you need to care for it a little more than usual. And you may think that you’re getting the most out of your locks but chances are there are a few little tricks you may be missing for show stopping hair!

1.       Use a Tangle Teezer at all times

There are many similar products out there but I have used the Tangle Teezer for hair extensions from the moment they were available to buy. It simply glides over the hair extensions without pulling or catching, no matter what attachment you may have. They also reduce breakage, detangle and separate all the strands evenly.

2.       Section your hair when styling

It’s really easy to forget that you have added a considerable amount of hair to your head so you can’t style it in exactly the same way as before. Working in sections may sound trivial but if you try to style all at once, you will miss bits, it may look uneven and can potentially get very knotty underneath.

3.       Deep condition with an oil
Photo Credit: www.lifestyleinspain.com

Photo Credit: www.lifestyleinspain.com

There really is something to be said about giving your hair a good oiling. Once a week you should absolutely smother your hair extensions in whatever oil you can get your hands on. I prefer coconut oil but you can use any number of others including Moroccan, Sesame seed, even good old olive oil! Leave overnight then wash out in the morning, preferably when you don’t have work the next day, you need time for this one!

4.       Use Velcro rollers

I simply couldn’t imagine having hair extensions and not using Velcro rollers at least once a week. Once you washed, section and blow dried your hair; apply a full head of Velcro rollers and leave all day if you can. And for best results, I do mean all day! There are many, many places I’ve been on a Saturday with a head full of rollers; embrace it and wear them with pride, your hair will thank you all week.

5.       Get regular maintenance

It’s the most tedious part of having hair extensions but it really is the best way to keep them in tip top shape. It can be tempting to leave them in for two, even three months until they all grow out but believe me they’ll lose their shape and start to look uneven. Every six weeks is a good standard to stick by. Four weeks if you have short or fast growing hair.