6 Vintage Hairstyles You Should Steal Right Now

We all love a classic vintage hairdo. They have the ability to instantly transform an ordinary look into something that stands out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for film noir sophistication or just looking to channel your inner Bardot, try out some of these favourites for that perfect look.


1.       The Classic Body Wave

Let’s start with an easy one; the body wave. Beautifully sophisticated and effortless for all occasions. This is my favourite for backless cocktail dresses.


2.       Big and Bouncy
Photo Credit: www.hairdressing.uk

Photo Credit: www.hairdressing.uk

Just think big! If you have a lot of hair, then you should really show it off. Use large rollers for this style and add clip-in extensions on one side of the head if necessary.

3.       Sixties Chic

This boho style complete with headband is really easy to replicate and it’s very nature doesn’t require perfection. Plenty of backcomb and surf spray for this one.

4.       Victory Rolls

A firm 50’s favourite, get the hairspray ready for this style!

5.       Finger Waves

My personal favourite and ideal for shoulder length hair or shorter. For best results use a firm gel and leave to set for a couple of hours.

6.       Perfect Waves
Photo Credit: www.myhairstyles.ru

Photo Credit: www.myhairstyles.ru

These super sleek waves don’t fit into any one era but it will always give you a vintage look.