My First Sweetheart's Hair

What happens when creative hair design meets salon professional hair extensions? Some bloody good hair happens that’s what! The sort of fantasy hair that L’Oréal advertisements are made of.

This week I visited Beth from Sweetheart’s Hair Design, a hair stylist virtuoso and self-confessed hair fanatic, to see if she could work her magic on a set of custom-made Studioseven50 clip-ins.

If you like hair tutorials and if you have ANY Social Media account; you’ve probably seen work from Beth at some point. Her fan base is worldwide and she has mastered the art of the easy-to-follow, how-to video. The end result is always fantastic but not impossible for anyone to recreate. I dare you to watch one and not be inspired to try it!

I can of course, masterfully apply all manner of hair extensions and I’m pretty nifty with a hair dryer; however, I am aware that the styling potential of some added hair runs much deeper than a curly blow out. So we decided to put that to the test and see if we could enhance some hairstyle favourites into something altogether more dramatic with a set of clip-ins.


The Dutch Braid

Such a wonderfully simple style with a longer, fuller effect. Beth layered the hair extensions down the middle of the head from top to bottom, then braided the hair as normal.


The Mermaid Bow

This style is wonderful on any hair type but the added length adds a new dimension of beauty that draws the eye down towards the middle of the back. Imagine the heads that would turn if you combined this with a backless gown.

Long and curly

Arguably the simplest of styles but no less a show stopper. Just increasing the length adds instant glamour and weight into an otherwise forgettable style.

The Verdict: Contrary to popular belief, hair extensions don’t have to look fake, cost the earth, or worse still, ruin your hair. Custom made clip-in extensions are not only measured to your head shape but colour-blended and cut in, just as professional ones would be.

They can be dramatic to add length or very subtle to add thickness. Either way, hair extensions should be tailored to you and your individual preferences to create new and interesting styles. 

Couple this with mastering one of Beth’s tutorials and you really will be worth it!