The Importance of Colour Blending

Before we opened our Manchester store we knew colour blending would be important - we just didn't realise just how much...

People often dismiss clip-in extensions as looking un-natural, even primitive in the world of hair extensions; often opting for a more permanent solution if they want it done to a salon proffesional standard.

When a salon applies hair extensions, there are some obvious differences that set them apart from the clips. But what happens when you apply this proffesionalism to a temporary solution? You get a the best of both worlds that what happens!

A visit to our Manchester Arndale store not only gets you a personalised consultation; our custom made extensions allow you to mix and match any number of colours to achieve the most natural look possible. And we don't stop there....

Once your personal set is made, they will be expertly applied and styled exactly as you please, whether is streamlined straight or big and bouncy.

Personal, precise and perfectly styled, you'll never think the same way about clip-ins again.