That Manchester Feeling

Behind the scenes at Studioseven50, preparations are being made to launch our hair range in Manchester's finest; the Arndale Centre. But why would a brand born and raised in London be relocating to the North West?

While there is no denying the gravitational pull of London is strong, the buzzing vibrance and culture found in Manchester is hard to ignore - not to mention the lower cost of living and distinct lack of congestion we have to put up with in the Capital.

According to, a typical family in London will pay at least 59% of their income on rent, leaving little disposable income left for the things that make us feel good like beauty and hair services. Instead we opt for a tall skinny latte which you'll find from Starbucks on every other corner.

Of course the hair range will be available to buy online nationwide and Manchester is only our first venture! Today there is an obvious gap between the quality you'll find in the salon compared to what is available over the counter.

It's about time you could find salon quality hair on the high street and our range will of course eventually spring back up in London. Until then it's hello Manchester!