I can never find my bl**dy colour!

Excuse the profanity but we know it's how you feel when you're looking to match your hair colour for hair extensions but just can't seem to find anything accurate.

It's the same old story...you travel to your nearest hair stockist and ask the staff behind the counter if they have 'this shade' as you point to your colour-blended locks. The non-hair extension-wearing staff member will do their best to help but it will be a case of 'computer says no' if you don't fall into the pre-determined shades on the shelf. 

Your only option if you have several colours is to buy more than one packet (which is of course annoyingly unnecessary) or worse still if you don't dye your hair and have that gorgeous natural brown hue, you are forced on a piano-striped blonde and brown mix which looks almost like your colour. 


Bad hair extension

Sound familiar? Well it stops now with us! As you know, the Studioseven50 hair range is coming soon and not only will you be able to order ready to go clips and machine weft hair, but you will be able to mix and match your colours so your hair extensions are absolutely tailored to you. 

Finally, a new generation of hair extensions is here...