Curly Hair Myth-busters

Not all curls are created equal and many of us with wavy or curly locks struggle with rather unruly hair. We've all been guilty of styling with the wrong set of hair rules. Common complaints such as frizz, tangles and texture are easily fixed when you know how to properly tame your mane. Here are a few myth-busting facts to get the most of your curls...

Myth: Enough brushing will straighten out your curls. 

It may seem as though you are taming your locks into submission but what  you are actually doing is disturbing the hair's natural formation and causing the cuticle on the strands to ruffle or break. This will lead to severe damage and extreme frizz. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush while your hair is saturated with conditioner. Then towel dry and apply a silicone-free moisturiser gel. We recommend Soft n'Free Curl Activator. 

Myth: Conditioner is optional. 

Wash, rinse and repeat! Curly hair is porous but conditioner will fill in the gaps to prevent frizz and damage. It also smooths and adds shine to create a full, healthy glow, often hard to come by for ultra-dry hair. Generally the tighter and drier the curl, the more it needs conditioning. We recommend not washing out all of  your conditioner then towel drying. 

Myth: Curly hair can be cut the same as straight hair. 

The one thing you mustn't do if cutting your naturally curly hair is cut as you would do straight. Curly hair really does have a mind of its own and must be cut only when wet. Not all curls will hang the same. For instance very curly hair can shrink to five times its normal length when dry. My advice is unless there is obvious damage that needs to be corrected, avoid cutting altogether; stay away from the straighteners and let it grow, grow grow!

Dionne GreenwoodComment