Whose Grade is it Anyway?

When it comes to hair, the jargon associated with classification can be mind-boggling. You may have heard the term ‘hair grading’ to describe hair quality, often with the higher grade having a multiple A rating; for example AAA Grade Remy Hair.

The truth is all grading is ultimately bullshit. There is no regulatory body set up to ensure a standard set of requirements and the grades are often imposed by Chinese factories whose individual guidelines will all be very different. One man’s triple A is another man’s double.

Indian temple hair won’t do grading because its’ as natural as it comes – from a single donor with all the cuticles intact and in the right direction. Grading with letters and numbers make hair seem as natural as a salt-filled ready meal. In fact, if we were talking about food here, several companies would be shut down and the product recalled.

Grading can only be of any help if there are clear guidelines governed by a regulatory body. What we have at the moment is a toothless system that can only confuse consumers with conflicting information. After all, if nobody is watching you can label something to be whatever you want. So when it comes to hair – trust the brand not the grade.