Faster Beauty for Mobile Hair Extensions

If you wear hair extensions and have tried a variety of methods then you will know just how difficult it is to find somewhere or someone you can truly trust with your hair. Hair extension weaving is often seen as the safer option and the quick application process is certainly appealing. However, the lack of skill and expertise in ‘European Weaving’ means that you can kiss a few frogs before you finally find your weaving queen!

The recent closure of hair weaving chain Weave Got Style in Bluewater Shopping Centre will most certainly have left a hair extension hole for Kent and the surrounding areas. Those left with nowhere to go will have no choice but to trawl through Google looking for a competent stylist. I’ve known clients to have to travel far and wide to find someone who is skilled so it’s no wonder that mobile hair extension services are on the increase.

Much in the same way that mobile apps such as Uber have had phenomenal success, we are now looking at a fast beauty revolution that brings the salon home for the client’s convenience. And let’s face it, two or three hours in the beauty salon with an impatient 4-year-old is no fun for anyone.

At Studioseven50 we have combined fast beauty convenience with salon professional weaving application to give all of our clients an absolute first class service, delivered direct to your door. Our team are dedicated, well-trained and understand that how precious your time is.

We currently provide hair extension services across Kent, London, Cheshire and Manchester.