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Studio Seven50 is the UK's leading custom hair extension specialist. Experts in bespoke hair pieces sourced exclusively from Ukraine & Russia. We are the Hair Extensions of London.

Our hair is available for the following services

Custom Clip-ins


Micro Rings


Keratin Bonds


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ukrainian collection

Our Ukrainian Hair Collection offers outstanding quality at an affordable price. Sourced exclusively from Russia & Ukraine.


Slavic Elite Collection

The Slavic Elite Collection is the world's most exclusive hair. Every piece is hand picked for quality and custom made for each client.

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Hairdressing & hair extension services

Need a hair extension fitting or haircut & finish? We've got you covered. Choose from a wide range of hairdressing & hair extension services. 

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A Colour & Measure Consultation is designed to give you complete peace of mind when ordering our hair extensions. 

Choose from over 40 colour tones including over 20 virgin. The largest selection of natural hair in the UK. Our bespoke measuring service will ensure your extensions fit perfectly. 


Call: +44 (0) 7932 224064

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Studio Seven50 was born out of a desire to provide all women with luxury hair extensions. Our pieces are hand-picked and carefully contstructed to ensure infallible quality.

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Hair Services
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Choose from one of our fantastic hair extension fitting services. 

You can provide your own hair or choose one of our exclusive hair collections. 

  • Braided Weave - Uses braids as a base. You will need hair with a handmade weft or machine weft for this
  • Micro Weave - Uses silicone beads as a base. You will need hair with a handmade weft or machine weft for this
  • Keratin Bonds - Individual bond application. You will need hair with a keratin bond attachment
  • Micro Rings - Uses silicone beads. You will need hair with a stick tip attachment
  • Tape - Uses adhesive tape. You will need tape hair extensions

Bond & individual micro ring appointments available upon request to or +44 7932 224064.

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